A new fresh site

So here I am, basically starting over from scratch again. And I’m doing in on wordpress.

A few months ago I got the bug to develop my own CMS from scratch. I got pretty close and had the site published for a few weeks before I pulled the plug on it and redirected back to squarespace. The problem for me was that instead writing on my blog, I would be distracted by wanting to do more development. Then while coding I would bore of that and want to create some sort of content. It was a nasty loop that I couldn’t pull out of. Once back on squarespace I got the bug to at least control my own content. So I took the digital ocean droplet and spun up a wordpress site. And here I am. I can control my own content. As mush as I can at least without buying my own servers.

So here I am. I still need to migrate all my old galleries over. As for the rest of the content I’ll probably just let it disappear. Now I just need to focus and  take more photos. Experiment more. Practice more. Learn more.

I clearly suck at content creation

I need to get better. Which means I need to practice. So here is some practice.

I’ve be reading The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin and it’s kind of inspiring me to create more. Whether it be good or bad, I just need to do because doing is practice and with practice we get better. I also need to stop being afraid to fail because really… whats the point. Not starting is an equal amount of fail.

One thing I do have going for me is that for the first time in a very long time I have my head in the right place. Or at least close to the right place. Heading in the right direction for sure. It’s been 20+ days without a drop of booze. I’m in a pretty good routine of getting to bed early. I’m not getting on the iPad but reading instead. I’m still coming up short on the hours of sleep I need because I auto wake with the sun and the birds most mornings but still, I am getting more then 6 hours on a regular basis so there is that. Ideally I’d get a solid 8. Also, every morning for pretty much the last 30 days I’ve been almost perfect with my morning words. Even on days I’ve missed morning words I’ve put some sort words in the journal. 

Where I’m coming up short 

I’m not eating enough. I’m eating very well though. Very mindfully but not enough. I’m still skipping breakfast at least every other day. I never eat lunch. I also need to do some sort of physical activity other then dog walks. Like running, which I told myself I was going to do after my 46th birthday. But once I get in front of the computer for the day I don’t leave, until it’s dinner time, at which point I’m tired. One of these days I will start running, Maybe tomorrow morning. Yes… tomorrow morning.