A new fresh site

So here I am, basically starting over from scratch again. And I’m doing in on wordpress.

A few months ago I got the bug to develop my own CMS from scratch. I got pretty close and had the site published for a few weeks before I pulled the plug on it and redirected back to squarespace. The problem for me was that instead writing on my blog, I would be distracted by wanting to do more development. Then while coding I would bore of that and want to create some sort of content. It was a nasty loop that I couldn’t pull out of. Once back on squarespace I got the bug to at least control my own content. So I took the digital ocean droplet and spun up a wordpress site. And here I am. I can control my own content. As mush as I can at least without buying my own servers.

So here I am. I still need to migrate all my old galleries over. As for the rest of the content I’ll probably just let it disappear. Now I just need to focus and  take more photos. Experiment more. Practice more. Learn more.

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