Here we go again.

It's like every 6 months I try to reinvent myself as far as photography is concerned. I get an itch, I come to my website, I delete everything that was here and I start over with either a 365 project or a 52 week project. It usually lasts anywhere from 3 days to my longest which was 120 days I think. I can't recall. I deleted it.

So here we go again. I'm not making any promises to myself or the zero people who will read this but I am starting a new project. I will make an attempt at 365 type project but I won't call it a 365 because I don't want it to ever end. I won't call it a failure if I miss a day or 2 or 6. If I do, I will be slightly sad, and I will either have an excuse or I will make one up and move on with the project.

On top of photography I would also like to practice writing more so I have a secondary and larger goal here. The creation of content. There will be no real rules here. I'm just turning this site into more of a public journal. That journal will include some of my daily activities, and those activities happen to include my hobby's, which include... you guessed it, photography.

I also plan on talking about myself a lot more. In real life I'm a terribly shy person. Me, a few years ago, would be... extremely apprehensive for lack of a better word or phrase, about putting words "out there" where strangers or even close friends could read. I clearly need to lose that apprehension. Because it will never gain me anything.