Let’s see what a real post may look like.

So far it’s a nice start to a new week. I was able to get into bed last night almost exactly at 9. Then I read for pretty much exactly 1 hour and went lights out at 10. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep though for some reason which makes no sense seeing as I went to bed very tired. I didn’t think I would even make it through my hour of reading. I don’t remember having much on my mind so thats not the reason. Maybe it was the cat that was in my face.

My alarm went off at 6 but I snoozed about 3 times. I never fell back asleep. It was cozy laying in bed under the blankets with all the windows open, listening to the morning birds. finally after climbing out of bed it was time for morning words, a smoothie, then a quick dog walk. Now, with all that completed it’s time for my morning meditation. In the future, I’m thinking I should probably start saving these posts for after meditation. I’ll try that tomorrow.