Site update

I refreshed the theme on the site to make it more of a showcase for my photography and not just a blog where I post photos from time to time. It's set up to really focus on the galleries. I added a few quick ones but I hope to be adding a lot more soon. Problem is, there is just too much stuff I want to do.

Between all I need to do for work, all I want to do for hobbies, there just isn't enough time in the day. I don't really waste that much time either so I don't really know where to get more time. Maybe sleep less? I'll try sleep less.

A self portrait

I've been in the mood to play with lighting recently. Mainly for portraits. I have no one around to shoot so I have to use myself. Here is a self portrait I did today.

I'm starting to finally go through old photos.

I take a lot of pictures. 100's of thousands over the last 10 years. I have pictures from 2003 that I still haven't really gone through. Along the line, if I had something that I thought was amazing I edited it and printed or posted somewhere. But I also got bored and just moved on and took more.

Recently I found myself having a lot more time one my hands so I started going back through some old stuff.

Here are a few of those.

Paris - 2004

Paris - 2004

Paris - 2004

Paris - 2004

West Virginia - 2004

Upnorth Michigan - 2004/5

Puerto Rico - 2007

I need to keep going though old photos.