Finding subjects around the house

I want to take a picture everyday. I want to take a hundred pictures everyday. But at times my job gets in the way. And those times are most of the time. Sure, if I was extremely organized and my mind worked that way, I could switch gears between programming and photography on a dime, I could schedule my time better and carve out an hour or 2 during the day for myself just to go out and shoot. But my mind doesn't really work that way.

Everyday, at least for the last few weeks since I made the transition to living a healthier life, I wake up, eat breakfast, have my morning coffee and write in my journal. This is usually completed by 8:30 or 9am. This is when I usually start my day job. while working I periodically get the bug to go take pictures. It isn't practical for me to get in the car and explore the areas I enjoy taking pictures in.  What is practical is to take 10 minutes, walk around the house and hope to discover an angle, some light or a shadow I haven't noticed before. Or, in the case of today, a sad flower.

Sad flower

Sad flower

I want to switch to 100% manual lenses but I won't

Morning sun