Again, its been a quiet few days

I haven't really been out shooting much lately. I've been focusing the majority of my free time, at least the time I would dedicate to shooting to editing. I really need the practice there. I feel I spend way to much time to get the results I'm getting. Which is to say, I'm not enjoying the end results. And I'm spending way to much time getting those results.

I know the big issue is that I'm not pulling great photo's out of the camera. My main disappointment came after editing the shots from Ireland. I feel I could of spent more time on some of these. For example, I had my ND filter with me and rarely used it. I have a few scenes that I really like the composition of but in my opinion is ruined by the choppy water in the scene. Also, I had the opportunity to take some beautiful magic hour shots of one of the more amazing coastlines I've seen. I believe I spent that evening in a bar. Don't get me wrong, the bar hoping in Dingle Ireland was amazing. But I could of probably started it an hour later and still had the same amount of fun.

Ok, I'm not going to dwell on past failures. I'm going to Glacier National Park in May. I'm also going to Alaska in September and Spain in December so I just need to look forward and not make those same mistakes again.

So until those trips come, I'm going to continue to practice my editing skills. Here are few from earlier in the year.



It's been awhile

Out on the town