It's been awhile

So, I'm trying something new. I'm going to see how much I can do only using an iPad. I recently acquired a new iPad Pro, the 10.5 version with the pen. The main reason for this is portability. IU hate dragging a laptop around. Even my MacBook Air. Another reason is I have major workflow issues that take the fun out of editing and turn it into work. I end up putting off editing. I will still continue that workflow but in the mean time I can at least get more pictures edited and published while sitting on the couch or in a coffee shop, on a plane, on a train or even at a bar. 

The way it was

I take a lot of pictures. Maybe too many. There are days I can come home with hundreds of photos but realistically, 90% should just be deleted. I'm as much a digital pack rat as I am IRL pack rat so all these files get imported to Lightroom then I sort through them all, making minor adjustments here and there and move on, skipping the garbage and hours later maybe have one or two that I like but 20 that I think could be better if I spent more time on them. I go back into the catalog, get overwhelmed and stop. Days or weeks later I go shot a 100 more photos, repeat the previous process, forget about the previous photos, remember them, get overwhelmed... repeat.  

The way I hope it will be

I hope to at least get more photos out more consistently keeping everything mobile. Using the sd card to lightning adaptor I want to view on a bigger screen that days photos and only selecting the 5 or 10 or whatever I really like and edit instantly where ever I am which most likely be sitting in the living room, watching Netflix. I picture my iCloud and Lightroom mobile catalogs to be filled with only images I really like. I will still import all the photos to lightroom eventually and get them backed up to an external drive, but I will only go in when I feel I have something exceptional which requires some higher level of edit, where I really need to dive in with Photoshop and multiple layers and what not.

Another little reason that actually crossed my mind

Besides just the portability of it all, My day job consists of me sitting all day in front of the same laptop I use to edit photos with. In the evenings I just need to get away from my laptop. And not just the work laptop, any laptop where I have access to any tools that are work related. When I was considering a mobile photo editing setup I had it narrowed down to either the Microsoft Surface or the iPad. I love the surface and I'm no apple slappy but what finally pushed me to the iPad was the idea of the Surface would just end up being a "work" laptop. I would end up putting Visual Studio on the thing and I would end up "working" instead of editing.

So here we go

Now, I have no excuses not to publish something almost everyday which is the intention. 

Here are a few of my firsts... iPad only edits.



I'm back

Again, its been a quiet few days